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insurance-thumbnail2016 Dental Insurance Benefits:  Use Them or Lose Them

In many dental insurance plans, the benefits expire at the year’s end. Any unused benefit dollars will be lost. Schedule now to maximize unused benefits.







halloween-thumbnailHalloween and Tooth Decay:  Tips to Protect your Child  

The abundance of sweets that come with Trick-or-Treating  makes this a good time for a  quick reminder of what happens in the few minutes following a treat.







img_5036Athletic Mouthguards:  What You Need to Know

Not sure if your child —or you—needs a mouthguard?   If you’re asking the question, the answer is probably yes.









Dental Tips for TeenagersUltimate Guide to your High-Schooler’s Teeth

It’s back to school time, and here are the top tips to make sure your teen gets an A+ in smiling, too.









healthy school smileTeeth that Make the Grade: Back to School Smile Tips

Does the health of your child’s mouth take a back seat when the demands of the school year kick in?







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Christmas in July

Bizeau Dental’s entry in the Old Fashioned Festival parade. Rudolph, a sleigh, and a giant tooth in a Santa hat!