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Dental Radiographs

nurse holds tablet pc with dental X-ray picture of human jaws on screen isolated on white background


Why do I need dental x-rays?

Dental radiographs, or x-rays, let the dentist look at the bony parts of your mouth and check between your teeth for decay. The decay between your teeth can not be seen by the naked eye until it has progressed into a fairly large size. Radiographs allow the dentist to see these areas and treat them while they are still small. The dentist also checks the bone around the teeth for cysts, infections, tumors, and unerupted teeth. X-rays save you money, discomfort, and inconvenience by allowing problems to be fixed while they are still small.


What about radiation safety?

Our office’s digital x-ray machines are state-of-the-art and emit a very low amount of radiation. A full set of films exposes you to less radiation than a cross-country plane trip. Compared to the risk of not finding a problem area until too late, regular diagnostic films are much safer.