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Composite Fillings: The Esthetic Choice



What is a composite filling?

Composite is a tooth colored material that comes in an assortment of shades which can be blended to perfectly match the shade of your tooth


What is a composite filling used for?

To repair small areas of decay on front or back teeth with minimal tooth structure removal and cosmetic results.


How is a composite filling placed?

After the decay has been removed and the tooth has been cleaned, a thin layer of composite material is placed in the tooth. The composite sets under a specific wavelength of light, and then another layer is placed, until the shape of the tooth has been restored. The final surface is polished until the restoration blends into the tooth.



Composites are cosmetic, mercury-free, and they bond directly to the tooth, making them stronger and decreasing the risk of tooth fracture.



The higher cost of material and the technique-sensitive placement process makes a composite more expensive than a traditional silver filling. Composite fillings wear out over time, requiring replacement.


Other possible treatments:

Composites work well for conservative restorations; larger areas will need an inlay, onlay, or crown.